As an electronics engineer and musician, Yann Lu manufactures at home (Belgium) analog pro audio devices since 2015. His first designs are based on famous 70s-80s American consoles reputated for pristine, natural and musical sonic features.

Products line :

PRE-2: dual channel mic/line/instrument preamp in 1U rackmount case

PRE-500: mic/instrument preamp in 500-series module

PRE-1:  mono channel mic/instrument preamp in a small enclosure

EQ-500 : 3-band semi-parametric equalizer in 500-series module

EQ-32S : 4-band + high and lowpass fully linked - stereo equalizer in 1U rackmount case

EQ-32SD : 4-band + high and lowpass fully linked/dual mono - stereo equalizer in 2U rackmount case

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EQ-500 : Semi-parametric Equalizer in 500-series


Proportional Q

High-Pass filter : 26 Hz to 2.2 kHz (12dB/oct)

Low frequency band : 40 Hz to 800 Hz – Bell or Shelf mode

Mid frequency band : 400 Hz to 8 kHz – 3 bell modes :

Narrow / Standard / Wide

High frequency band : 800 Hz to 15 kHz – Bell or Shelf mode

Maximum 15 dB of boost/cut gain per band (center detent on 0 dB)

Bi-color LED indicator for signal and clipping

Bypass switch on each section

Also available in DIY full and partial kit (front panel, PCB and knobs)

Audio samples here

Build Guide for DIY kit here

EQ-32S : Stereo Equalizer

This unit is based on the legendary musical and warm EQ section from the console on which the bestselling Thriller's Michael Jackson album was mixed by Bruce Swedien.

This 1U rackmount aluminium case has 4 bands with a switchable shelve/bell mode for the high and the low band.
Plus high-pass and low-pass filters with bump at the cut-off frequency.

Both channels are perfectly matched and linked by a single control set (quality pots and switches).


4-band with proportional Q :

LOW : sweepable from 40 to 800 Hz (switchable shelve/bell)
LOW-MID : sweepable from 180 to 4000 Hz
HIGH-MID : sweepable from 360 to 8000 Hz
HIGH : sweepable from 750 to 15000 Hz (switchable shelve/bell)
Maximum 12 dB of boost/cut gain per band

Bypassable HIGH PASS & LOW PASS filters with bump at cut-off frequency
HPF : Sweepable from 25 to 3000 Hz
LPF : Sweepable from 170 to 20000 Hz

Volume control
Bypass switch
2-LED indicator (signal and clip)

Jack/XLR combo input connectors
XLR and jack output connectors

Instrument / Microphone / Line Preamp

Audio specifications (PRE2 - PRE1 - PRE500)

Mic input :

Impedance 1200 Ω

Gain min: 0dB

Gain max: 70dB


Line input (PRE2 only):

Impedance 10 kΩ

Selectable level 0 / +4 / +6 / +8 dBu

(in-case jumpers)


Instrument input :

Impedance 200 kΩ
Sowter® transfo


Electrically balanced line outputs (no transfo)


-20dB pad switch (on mic/instr. inputs)

48V switchable phantom power

Sweepable high-pass filter (12 dB/oct)

PRE1-2: 30 Hz to 730 Hz or 2200 Hz

PRE500: 40 Hz to 730 Hz

Indicator LED (in-case trimmable threshold)

Noise level: >115dB


​​Also available in DIY full and partial kit (front panel, HiZ Sowter transfo, PCB and knobs)

Physical specifications (PRE2)


Height 1 or 2RU

4 balanced XLR rear inputs (2x Mic In ; 2x Line In)

2 balanced XLR rear outputs (Line Out)

1 or 2 HiZ Instrument Inputs (front or rear)

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